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Serious gaming for construction supply chain management: a high-tech demo

Serious gaming for construction supply chain management: a high-tech demo

Budget overruns, delays and quality issues: problems dominate the headlines of construction industry journals. Unfortunately, the construction industry’s productivity development has been slow with studies pointing to many inefficient construction practices. One reason for these problems is that it is difficult to oversee and coordinate project tasks from a supply chain perspective. It is inherently difficult to equip professionals and graduate students with such an experience.

Serious games have the potential to offer their users a meaningful experience. They present a fun and challenging problem-solving activity in an environment that resembles real-world practices. The underlying idea is that one learns from reflecting on the experience that the game provides (e.g. why do I have waiting times?). The ultimate impact of serious games takes place when players transfer their experience to the real world and start applying their lessons learned.

It was only until recently that a serious game specificially for construction supply chain management was developed. This low-tech game made use of LEGO bricks and pencils to simulate a complex project. We have now digitalized this serious game into a high-tech version of the Tower of Infinity. In this game, the player is challenged to design and construct a tower that meets all client requirements. The key to success is establishing efficient supply chain practices, which can be a fun and rewarding activity.

Screenshot of the high-tech demo of the game Tower of Infinity.

Curious? The demo can be played (for free) here!



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