Current research

My PhD research explores circular building design and coordination within supply chain management activities and information sharing capabilities of BIM. It focuses on how material and information flows between organizations can be better visualized and understood, the ultimate goal being to promote resource efficiency within the construction industry. The work thereby hopes to advance the industry’s initial efforts of implementing circular economy principles. In more detail, here are some of the research projects I am currently working on:

  • Reflecting on the use of a low-tech serious game for construction supply chain management;
  • Studying reverse logistics from a number of perspectives in real-world cases;
  • Developing a high-tech, BIM-based serious game for reverse logistics;
  • Developing a virtual simulator that provides architects insights into the transformation capacity of a building.


By means of the poster below, I presented my research plans and ideas at the Microsoft Research PhD Summer School 2015 in Cambridge. The focus of my research has slightly changed since then (but I still like the poster!).


Visualization and simulation of construction supply chains


Funding is thankfully acknowledged from the following sources:
  • University of Twente (Twente Graduate School Award 2014);
  • European Union (Tempus IV program);
  • NEVI Research Stichting;
  • European Union (Horizon 2020 program).