personal (de)construction management research experiences
Urban mining futures


I am currently involved supervising the following (PhD/EngD) research projects (newest first):

Fieldlabs@Scale (by Luca Vadacca). This project investigates how mission-driven innovations can be upscaled through fieldlabs in the domains of smart industry, healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.

PACER (by Li Jiang). This project develops collaborative, digitized and integral methods for circular and emission-free renovation.

Multi-objective decision-making (by Susan Groenia). This project develops an interactive method to support stakeholders in multi-objective decision-making.

Smart Circular Construction Ecosystems (by Yifei Yu). This project explores digital matchmaking methods for circular construction ecosystems.

Digitally measuring and understanding circularity (by Li Jiang). This design science research project iteratively developed a BIM-based circularity assessment method to support project decision-making.