personal (de)construction management research experiences
Urban mining futures



The construction industry delivers physical assets that shape our lives in unique ways – but at a great cost. Systemic faults in how the industry operates result in enormous amounts of virgin resources consumed, construction and demolition waste produced, and greenhouse gases emitted. I envision an alternative, circular future in which material loops are closed and ‘urban mining’ practices become the norm. This requires fundamental rethinking of existing (demolition) practices – including role definitions, collaboration modes and information exchanges – through studying work and organizations with a sensitivity for context.

As Assistant Professor at the University of Twente, I study, teach and share new urban mining futures: methods to organize circular (de)construction across space and time. These methods are rooted in the fields of design thinkingdigitization and, particularly, circularity. They balance theoretical depth with a sensitivity for context. This website offers an impression of my work.

Please contact me if you have related knowledge questions or would like to get acquainted. Marc van den Berg