Serious gaming for construction supply chain management: a high-tech demo

Budget overruns, delays and quality issues: problems dominate the headlines of construction industry journals. Unfortunately, the construction industry’s productivity development has been slow with studies pointing to many inefficient construction practices. One reason for these problems is that it is difficult to oversee and coordinate project tasks from a supply chain perspective. It is inherently difficult to equip professionals and graduate students with such an experience. Read more

BIM in the Netherlands: current state of the art

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has seen an unprecedented uptake in the Dutch Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. BIM includes both software to manage essential building design and project data as well as project management related tools and methods. It is frequently seen as a means to reduce failure costs and increase productivity. These rapid BIM developments and wide industry support highlight the need for a systematic overview of the current state of the art of BIM in the Netherlands. I have synthesized earlier academic and non-academic work on BIM in the Netherlands in a recent research deliverable. Below are the main findings.  Read more

Staging BIM challenges and best practices – a summary of the BIM Praktijkdag 2015

It becomes difficult for companies in the AEC industry not yet working with BIM to catch up. ICT developments follow each other rapidly. Back in 1997, a supercomputer beat the then chess world champion Garry Kasparov. While this was a revolutionary event at that time, the victory does not surprise us any longer these days. Even our smartphones possess similar processing power as the celebrated supercomputer from that time. This example was used at the congress “BIM Praktijkdag 2015” to illustrate today’s rapid ICT developments that organizations working with BIM need to deal with. The congress served as a stage for the practical challenges and best practices of Dutch construction companies implementing BIM. This blog post is a summary of the most important lessons I got from this congress. Read more