Serious gaming for construction supply chain management: a high-tech demo

Budget overruns, delays and quality issues: problems dominate the headlines of construction industry journals. Unfortunately, the construction industry’s productivity development has been slow with studies pointing to many inefficient construction practices. One reason for these problems is that it is difficult to oversee and coordinate project tasks from a supply chain perspective. It is inherently difficult to equip professionals and graduate students with such an experience. Read more

Gaming in construction education: play-testing the ‘Tower of Infinity’

Games can be useful tools for teaching aspects of construction management that are not easily transferred through traditional lecture-based approaches. Stories of the successful application of certain construction management tools or methods are, due to their retrospective value, of limited value for building up an understanding about how to solve a practical problem one faces. Similarly, simple educational assignments do not reflect construction practice well since they often neglect aspects like uncertainty, urgency, ambiguity and complexity. Games, however, balance elements of conflict, a motivation to win and a scoring metric to create an imaginary experience that players can relate to and understand. They can therefore be a useful tool for construction education. Read more