Ongoing research

Our cities’ buildings and infrastructures need to be designed, constructed, and (eventually) demolished in entirely different ways to move towards a circular economy. Growing environmental and economic pressures force the construction industry to change conventional working practices to radically reduce waste. As PhD researcher at the University of Twente, I study the new collaboration, coordination and information sharing capabilities that this implies. I thereby combine different perspectives to better understand, visualize and simulate material and information flows between construction organizations – the ultimate goal being to promote resource efficiency within the industry.

Exemplary lines of research I am currently working on are:

  • Using ethnographic-action perspectives for more sustainable deconstruction practices;
  • Providing an experience about how to manage a construction supply chain using serious games;
  • Analyzing interorganizational coordination in real-world demolition/deconstruction projects;
  • Deploying Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities for circular/reversible building design.

I aim to publish my scientific work in high-ranked journals, such as here in the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. Additionally, this website covers accessible Building Science Stories. These Stories tell how I work on my research by building on previous (Building) Science. Read the Stories here or check out my timeline of recent Building Science activities!


Poster used for presenting my very early research plans at the Microsoft Research PhD Summer School 2015.


Research funding is gratefully acknowledged from the following sources:

  • University of Twente (Twente Graduate School Award 2014);
  • European Union (Tempus IV program);
  • NEVI Research Stichting;
  • European Union (Horizon 2020 program).