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Scaling innovations in fieldlabs: A value-driven approach

The Fieldlabs@Scale project focuses on improving the scalability of mission-driven innovations in fieldlabs.

Theoretical points of departure for the Fieldlabs@Scale project.

Fieldlabs are collaborative platforms that embody the principles of the quadruple helix model, bringing together a diverse array of actors from academia, industry, government, and society to jointly develop and experiment novel solutions. This collaborative approach is necessary and beneficial to address today’s “wicked” problems, such as grand societal challenges. However, the convergence of different stakeholders in fieldlabs inevitably leads to a multitude of priorities, expectations, and objectives among participants, which in turn result in potential synergies and conflicts. At the heart of this complex interplay is the concept of ‘value’.

A key aspect of the project is to explore the multidimensional nature of value in these collaborative environments. Emphasizing more than just economic measures, this research delves into the complexities of value pluralism and incommensurability, that are often overlooked in traditional innovation models. The contribution of the research is threefold: First, it will map heterogeneous value systems, identifying potential conflicts and synergies. Second, it will investigate the dynamics of multidimensional value during the scaling of innovation – both in terms of reach and societal impact. Third, it will co-create tools with fieldlabs stakeholders for managing value conflicts and aligning value propositions, ensuring practical application and relevance through a participatory approach to ultimately improve the scaling of impactful innovations. Expected outcomes of this research include comprehensive value maps, a tailored evaluation tool for fieldlabs, and actionable strategies to support stakeholders in scaling impactful innovations. These outcomes aim to bridge theoretical insights with practical innovation practices, contributing to the innovation management and the strategic niche literatures by providing a nuanced understanding of value that goes beyond economic and mono-dimensional measures. This research is poised to equip practitioners with the necessary tools to navigate the complex landscape of value in collaborative innovation environments and improve the effectiveness, reach and societal impact of innovations developed in fieldlabs.

PhD candidate: Luca Vadacca