July 22

Serious gaming workshop at CHOIR summer school

A significant part of the one-time summer school on Healthcare Operations Research is devoted to serious gaming techniques. My former colleague Alexandr and I were invited to introduce the essential basics to the +/- 50 participating PhD students from all around the world and to get them inspired for making a serious game (prototype) themselves.
April 11

Paper presentation at IPSERA 2017 conference

I presented my paper called Coordinating reverse logistics in construction: mechanisms to manage uncertainties for various disposition scenarios at the IPSERA 2017 conference in Balatonfüred (Hungary). In the paper, we uncover demolisher-contractor relationships in three different real-world projects.
January 24

BAMB Annual Stakeholder meeting 2017

At the annual BAMB stakeholder meeting, interested parties were informed about the progress of research and development activities done by our BAMB consortium.
January 20

Project visit: Circular pavilion ABN AMRO

Visit to the construction site of the Circular pavilion of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam. The planned building will provide office (meeting) spaces and will also serve some cultural and public functions. The project allows the bank to gain first-hand experiences with circular economy principles. A report of the project visit is published here.
January 18

Co-creating a new office layout

'Practice what you preach': using a simple low-tech visualization tool that I made, we (PhD and PDEng students) collaboratively designed a floor plan for our new office space.
December 1

Presentation at Reversible Building Design BIM workshop

Together with Usama, I presented a demo for a 'virtual simulator' that aims to give designers insights into the transformability of their draft building designs.
November 30

Workshop circular demolition Erasmus MC

The hospital buildings Dijkzigt and (temporary) main entrance are not needed any longer. Through lectures and workshops, we explored the reuse potential of these buildings.
November 29

Study refurbishment Hogekamp

One of the faculty buildings at our university is undergoing a major refurbishment. To learn more about this project (and particularly about scheduling techniques deployed), we visited the project and conducted a first interview.
November 22

Meeting TU Berlin

To discuss some of the challenges of a software framework for evaluating reversible building designs. (more…)
November 16

Study trip to Weiersbrug and Groningerbrug

A visit to Roelofs' project "Blauwe As fase II - verkeersbruggen Weiersbrug en Groningerbrug" in Assen. (more…)
October 24

Study deconstruction project

A former healthcare building was visited that was being deconstructed. Construction workers took valuable components, elements and materials out for future reuse. (more…)
October 19

BAMB workpackage meeting (Watford)

Presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art reports of the BAMB research project. I contributed to the BIM state-of-the-art report with a section about the use of BIM in the Netherlands.  (more…)
October 12

Company visit: De Groot Vroomshoop

De Goot Vroomshoop is a construction firm that produces and installs building systems. During a company visit, we saw how products are returned and prepared for reuse.
September 27

Follow-up: serious game play during SCM course

One year after its introduction, the serious game 'Tower of Infinity' was played during the course Supply Chain Management & ICT again.
September 22

Lecture Revit Fundamentals

I gave an introductory lecture about Revit to the freshmen students of Civil Engineering (University of Twente). Topics included: parametric design, BIM uses, state-of-the-art within the industry and software functionalities.
September 20

BAMB workshop (Brussels)

Workshop for the BAMB project on the progress of the different research projects going on at the moment. Discussions on how to solve issues and prevent stumbling...
September 14

Getting to know: Resource Limburg

Explanation about the use of a BIM-based marketplace for disassembled building components and elements.
June 23

Inspiration at NEVI Inkoopdag

I attended the NEVI conference for purchasing professionals in the Netherlands. NEVI is one of the sponsors of my research.  (more…)
June 10

International Design Studio (Maastricht)

The International Design Studio - that started in Sarajevo and was followed up in Istanbul - came to its conclusion with a symposium on reversible building design in Maastricht. Participants of the studio were awarded a certificate of recognition after presenting their final design proposals.
May 12

International Design Studio (Istanbul)

As a follow-up of the previous International Design Studio, we worked on a redesign of the Green Transformable Building Lab - particularly focusing on its position on and the layout of the public innovation square.  (more…)
May 3

Launch of the BAMB Stakeholder Network

The Buildings As Material Banks (BAMB) research project is creating circular solutions for the building sector. BAMB seeks to develop and integrate new tools that will enable a shift towards dynamically and flexibly designed buildings that can be incorporated into a circular economy.
April 13

Two workshops at Lean Construction Symposium 2016

Participants played the serious game Tower of Infinity and then engaged in a critical discussion on the key ingredients for success - within the game and beyond. (more…)
March 28

International Design Studio (Sarajevo)

During this one-week workshop, we developed design concepts for dynamic and circular building. (more…)
January 15

Play session Tower of Infinity at large contractor

The management team of a large Dutch contractor played the Tower of Infinity at a workshop.
January 12

Research project visit to Gothenborg, Sweden

I attended a Tempus project meeting at Chalmers University of Technology, the topic of the meeting being BIM in education.
December 10

Tower of Infinity at BIM event

I took care of organizing the University of Twente game plaza at the BIM event. Here, we presented multiple serious games developed at our department.
December 4

PhD defense Frederick van Amstel

Frederick van Amstel defended his thesis Expansive Design: designing with contradictions. As one of his paranymphs, I engaged in a design game: the simulation of a PhD defense within the actual defense.
October 13

Game play at Supply Chain Management & ICT course

The Tower of Infinity was played by 40 graduate students at our university.
August 20

Workshop Gaming and simulation in construction education

I gave a workshop on possibilities for serious games in construction management education. A prototype of the Tower of Infinity was play-tested for the first time as well. (more…)
June 30

Microsoft Research PhD summer school 2015

I presented a poster of my research at the Microsoft Research PhD summer school 2015 in Cambridge. (more…)
April 30

Attendance BIM Praktijkdag 2015

BIM stories from practice were shared at the BIM Praktijkdag 2015.
March 24

Designing a Thing

Through organizing collaborative design sessions with low-tech materials, we designed a Thing (socio-material assembly). (more…)