CME Annual Report 2015 published

The 2015 annual report of our department (Construction Management & Engineering) has been published. I was asked to organize the process of making this report and did so by rethinking the previous design, collecting stories and pictures and discussing with the graphical designer – together with a few other colleagues. The result is a report that, in contrast with previous versions, is built around personalized pages, contains information regarding our educational programs and is much more visual.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Towards dynamic and circular building: practical lessons

The construction industry has the bad reputation of being one of the most polluting industries worldwide. Recent studies found that the industry is the greatest consumer of natural resources and energy, while at the same time the greatest dumper of waste. Buildings can usually not adapt well to new usages and, as a result, they are torn down. This problem is intensifying as our society is changing at an increasing speed. It is clear that thorough and systemic changes are urgently needed to contribute to global sustainability. The big question is then how we can design buildings that can transform over time to fit new usages and that consume fewer virgin resources. That question has been addressed at the International Design Studio of 2016. Read more