Stopping to keep moving: on the value of design review meetings

Designing a building is an intensive and significant process. One of the most important activities during such a process is the review of potential solutions for the underlying design problem. During so-called design review meetings, designers, building owners, end-users and other stakeholders come together to reflect on a design proposal, to solve design-related issues and to decide upon following steps. These review meetings can be very resource and time-intensive, and are sometimes considered as tedious or frustrating. There are nevertheless good reasons to conduct these design review meetings. Read more

Towards today’s BIM design tools

The current generation of building information modeling (BIM) design tools is the result of about five decades of research and development on computer tools for interactive 3D design. In this first blog post I will give a short historical overview of what happened during these past decades and how that resulted in the tools for sale now.

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